Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

A quick post to show off my mani today. This was done with one coat of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, my go-to black polish. Then I painted little random sections of three of my Sonoma Nail Art Halloween polishes: Deadly Zins, Halloween in the Vines, and Here Lies Robert. Finally, I painted a coat of Seche Vite to smooth it out and seal it in.

I love these! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Gradient Graveyard

I've been a little bit behind on the Halloween Challenge posts. Sorry about that! I have been covering for coworkers and just did a major broadcast from Napa that required three trips to the site to get it done. I would prefer not to drive to Napa again any time soon, LOL.

Today I am combining two of the challenge topics together: gradient (today's challenge) and graveyard. They really work well together!

Creeeeeepy! It is supposed to look like the mist on a an overcast day in a sinister graveyard. And who is that specter amongst the tombstones?!?! Run! Save yourselves!!!!

I started with Essie Blanc for my base, then did a gradient using Essie Blanc, Zoya Dove, and a franken of Wet n Wild black and white. I searched through my stash to see if I had a dark grey that might work, but realized I only had light greys. And like 5 bottles of basically the same grey color. Don't tell my husband, ha ha.

Then I used white and black acrylic paints to make the graveyard and spooky ghosty guy. Making the items in the background lighter makes them appear to be further away. Be sure to check out the other people who did a Halloween Challenge today too! 

My next etsy sale is coming up this evening in about 2 hours, so if you were looking for my Halloween collection of polishes, this will be your last chance! Here is the link to my store. The sale will be at 6:30pm Pacific Time (9:30pm Eastern) today, October 22nd.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Zombie Nails, Rob Zombie Nails

I went there, oh yes I did. Today's Halloween Nail Art Challenge theme is Zombies. I wanted to do something a little different so I did Rob Zombie. HAHAHAHAHA!

Isn't he cute!?

Here's the pic I used as a model. This is Rob's 'happy go lucky' pose. 

I started with a base of OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam! and then I used OPI Can You Tapas That? for the 'blood' splatter, by dipping a small straw into the polish and blowing it out hard at my two nails. 

Then I cleaned up the blood splatters (wow, that sounds really bad out of context) and started to paint Rob's face using black and white acrylic paints. 

I ended up covering most of the blood splatters on my ring fingernail with Rob Zombie, but that's okay. If you look close, there are a few splats of blood showing in his beard and hair. I think he would approve. :) Of course, always topcoat your creation so that it won't get ruined when you are directing horror movies, or rocking out on stage.

Check out some of the other Zombie nails today! Happy almost Halloween!

UPDATE: Whoops, I am jumping the gun. Zombies is the theme for NEXT Monday. I am all mixed up. Oh well, I will do Ghosts then instead. I have zombie on the brains apparently... wait, did someone say BRAINNNNNSS??

Friday, October 5, 2012

Eeeeek! A Water Marble

Today's Halloween Challenge is water marble. yay. i just looooove water marbles. not.

But I did them anyway, and my first nail tricked me into thinking that it just might not be so bad this time, but no, it turned out bad. Sighhhh. So I only did three nails, and I turned them into monsters and put a little scream on my pinkie to show my frustration with water marble nails. Oh and to be afraid of the monsters.

Yeah, not so great. I like the index finger, but of course, as soon as I finished it, and went to do the middle finger, I totally bumped it and took a little gouge out of it. Arrrrg!

I started with a base of China Glaze Electric Pineapple. Great color! And this was light enough to act as a good base for the other colors. At least I got THAT right.

Then THIS happened.

Without the monsters and the scream. But it needed the scream, trust me. LOL The other polishes I used in this manicure are OPI Funky Dunkey and Tangerine Scene, Wet n Wild Black Creme, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Be sure to check out the other challengers who are WAAAYYYY better at water marble nails than me. :)

Also: my next etsy sale is today. The Halloween collection and Scooters 4 Hooters will be for sale at 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern. These usually go fast, so good luck!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Challenge: Horror Movies

I am taking part in another Halloween Challenge this year! I did the 31 Day Nail Art challenge last year at this time, but it was VERY time consuming and I just don't have to capacity to do that much this year. So this challenge will hopefully be more manageable and still be just as fun! Today's theme is Horror Movies. I chose one of the scariest movies I could think of: Poltergeist.

When I turned 12 years old my mom let me have my first boy-girl party and I chose this movie for us to watch. I have no idea why my mom let us watch this, it is terrifying!! The pool! The meat! The CLOWN! OMG, the CLOWN!!! Seriously, I am scarred for life because of that movie. Little Carol Anne could not be any creepier. Gah, I have goosebumps just thinking about it. 

I started with Zoya Skylar for the base. This color sort of reminded me of the blueish glow in a room when the tv is on a static signal. 

Then I used acrylic paints to make a static tv screen. This is a combination of white and blues. I used a dotting stroke to try to mimic the static blips on the screen.

Next I painted the little darling herself. Carol Anne in front of the tv screen, communicating with people only she can hear. Heebie Jeebie time FOR SURE!! I used white to outline her hands and head, so that there is a glow around her. 

Here are the other challenges I will be trying this month. It is a fun list of ideas!

And be sure to check out the other people who are trying this challenge. Maybe you should check them out with the lights ON. ;)