Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sonoma Nail Art Parasol

Here is another polish in my Handcar Regatta set of custom nail polishes. This is a delicate glitter polish with light pink, pale gold, and white glitters in a creamy base. It looks great over pink polishes! I present: Parasol.

This is one coat of Parasol over Color Club Blushing Rose, with a bit of artwork on my ring finger done with acrylic paints. 

Here is Color Club Blushing Rose on its own, and you can see that Parasol kind of mutes the pink a bit and makes it look a little more romantic with sort of a sepia effect. :)

Here is a progression of the artwork I did on my ring finger. I use acrylic paints from Michael's craft store to do my artwork. Always thin down your acrylic paint with water to make it easier to work with and be sure to seal the artwork with a good topcoat. 

Here is a pic of Parasol, part of my Handcar Regatta themed set of Sonoma Nail Art polishes. 

Side shot of Parasol, so you can see the pretty lady with her paper parasol. Hello Pretty Lady!

Macro shot of Parasol. It actually took me a while to finish this polish, the fourth and final one in the Handcar Regatta set. Special thanks to Sarah of Chalkboard Nails for brainstorming with me to get the right mix of colors and glitters. :)

Parasol is one of six colors I will be putting up for sale on Friday, June 1st in my etsy shop! Here are all of the colors I will have for sale, starting at 2pm Pacific Time (that's 5pm Eastern). I will have at least 100 full sized (15ml) bottles available during this sale, which is twice the amount I have had in my previous sales. So hopefully that will make it easier for you to get the colors you want. And yes, I will bring back colors I had in previous sales, but this is the selection for my sale on June 1st.

Thanks so much!


  1. I love this color. May have to consider buying if I remember tomorrow!

  2. awww adorable little parasol!

  3. Too cute!!!
    And I am not going to be home at ALL tomorrow. *grumble*grumble*
    lol :D

  4. Eeeeep! I am so glad you did a mani with this one! I've been wanting to see it in ack-she-on. It's definitely on my list!

  5. nice!!
    I'm following your blog ;)

  6. I love everything about this post: the polish, the nail art, the name... everything!

  7. Yooowza gorgeousness! Looks like even on Jun 2 I'm too late to get the one I love, Clockwork! Was this a one time only sale for these polishes or will you make them again? I really want Clockwork! LOL

  8. The umbrella is so cutE!
    I love it!

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