Friday, November 11, 2011

These Go To Eleven

In honor of 11-11-11, also known as Nigel Tufnel Day, I have painted these awesome nails. On a scale of one to ten, these go to eleven. Bwahahahaha! If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to go see a great movie called "This Is Spinal Tap" an amazing spoof on rockumentary films. A friend on mine on facebook shared an awesome image of Nigel Tufnel on a guitar pick in honor of today, and I used that image to create this manicure.

This is Nigel Tufnel, lead guitarist for the band Spinal Tap, as played by the actor Christopher Guest. (Christopher Guest is incredible, and he also played the 6 Fingered Man in The Princess Bride!!)

The base polish for this mani is Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. I love this polish! It applies so well, and is perfectly opaque in one coat. Yay!

I used acrylic paints in white and black to paint Nigel. Here you can see the base white paint to start the image. 

This is Nigel before I topcoated. The eye on the right was actually really perfect and then I started messing with it trying to adjust it, and it took me about 10 minutes to fix it back to somewhat ok. Why oh why do I mess with things when they are just fine??! Arrg!

On my right hand, I painted the number 11. During a scene in This Is Spinal Tap, Nigel shows off an amplifier that has knobs going up to eleven. So funny! I will link the clip at the end of this post.

Here is the piece that got me laughing and inspired me to create this manicure. This is artwork by Metaluna 5 Media. You can find them on facebook by clicking here

Here are the two hands together. This manicure killed me, it was too funny. And really, if you haven't seen This Is Spinal Tap, go watch it. You'll love it!


  1. THESE GO TO 11!! Hahaha I love these, so great :)

  2. Great, as per us. Awesome movie, awesome nails! You are the best at portraiture. I think his eyes look fine, but he kind of looks like he has a Kurt Cobain haircut. Though that could be the glare of the photograph.

  3. Thank you Nev! I should've added some white to define his mullet! lol!

  4. these are awesome!! You do great work!!

  5. Ha ha, wow! Thanks so much cutesville.

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