Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bridal Party Nails and Cult Nails Contest

As promised, here are some pictures of the nails I did for members of the bridal party at my Wedding Part Deux! When in Reno, I offered to do nails for anyone in our group who wanted them. Here are the ones I managed to snap pictures of (I didn't get my sister's nails on camera, darn it!)

Here are my mom's nails. I made a few designs before we left for Reno so that she could pick out a design she liked (and also so I wouldn't have to bring a massive amount of polishes and supplies with me). This kind of mod retro pattern appealed to her. I painted most of her nails with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Coco A-go-go (a really pretty bronze color), then painted an accent nail on each hand with Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, a one coat black polish. On the black nail I used bronze and gold acrylic paints to make this pattern. I like it! Very dramatic. 

Here is mom showing off her mani while holding a glass filled with champagne. And this was BEFORE we went to the chapel to renew our vows. (LUSH!) Just kidding! :)

My sister-in-law said I could do whatever I wanted, so I did a quick swipe of OPI Diva of Geneva on her nails and used the silver Orly Nail Art brush that I got from my Secret Santa to give it a fun fireworks-style burst on the ring fingers. 

Even my little brother got in on the fun. I painted Diva of Geneva on his thumb, then used my gold acrylic paint to do the University of Washington 'W' detail. Go Dawgs!

Yes, this is what my brother wore to the chapel. It was a really laid back service, as evidenced on my Wedding Part Deux post. :)

And finally, no I did not paint this for anyone in the wedding party. This is my Unicorn Puke nail art that I did a while back, inspired by the amazing nail polish from Cult Nails called Unicorn Puke. Maria of Cult Nails is hosting a contest right now for nail art that showcases Cult Nails polish! I entered this picture in the contest. I hope to win and get some awesome nail art supplies as well as Cult Nail polishes. You can vote by heading to their Facebook page and 'liking' your favorite design. The cool thing is, Maria will ALSO be giving a prize of nail polish to one of the people who likes the nail art. You don't have to submit your own picture to win, just vote for your favorite! 

Please take a second to like my Unicorn Puke nails on Cult Nails' Facebook page. I really appreciate it!


  1. your unicorn puke nails totally should win!

    also your bro is rad for getting his thumb done ;) hes a cutie too!

  2. Ha ha, thanks imobsessedwithnails! I do hope I win something! Yeah, my bro is pretty rad. He was psyched to have the W on his nail and he used his 'lucky thumb' at the slot machines while we were there in Reno, ha ha!

  3. This is hilarious!! I definitely liked this!! :D

  4. Glad to see the puke manicure is back in the limelight! :D
    Oh and did did your brother's "lucky thumb" earn him any winnings? I'm wondering if this is a strategy I should adopt in the future? Hehehe

  5. Yeah!! Go Dawgs!!

    Anyways, how fun that you got to paint everyones nails! And I love the unicorn puke nails! But then again I love unicorns, lol!

  6. Thanks Rach, the Unicorn Puke mani was so much fun to do. It is really fun to dig it up. And I think my brother actually had more luck the day before, so lucky nails have little to do with luck at the slots. :)

  7. I would like to pass on the Cute Blog award to you, I enjoy your blog.
    You can pick it up and read the rules on my blog:

  8. LOL Michelle, you're extra cute! Just came to tell you I gave you the cute blog award too! ;)


  9. Ha ha Amber, I guess I AM extra cute. :)