Thursday, September 29, 2011

Legally Blonde Nails

A quick post today of nail art I did for a costume party. My friend had a fun dance party a few weeks ago for her birthday. Everyone was supposed to dress up as a character from a movie. I thought about being the evil bowler from Mystery Men which I have done in the past, but I wanted to do something with nails. The only movie I can think of that features a manicurist is Legally Blonde. So I dressed up as Paulette Bonafonte, Jennifer Coolidge's character. :-) It was a hoot! I even did my own dance moves at the party, the good ol Bend and Snap!

I used a pink polish as base and then a dark pink on the tips. I added small rhinestones along the french line on the ring finger. Super blingy!

I used a different kind of nail jewel on my right hand. I think I like the rhinestones on the left better. It took me longer to do my nails than to get the rest of my outfit together. LOL

What polish would Paulette use? I used Essie Fiji, Wet 'n Wild Lavender Creme, Essie All in One Basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat.

My friend Coco was Sara from Adventures in Babysitting. She even had a Playboy in her backpack, so funny! Here I am showing off my Bend and Snap!

And in case you need to work on your Bend and Snap dance moves, for your viewing pleasure...

NOTE: I will start a fun 31 Day Nail Art Challenge on Saturday. Each day in October I plan on doing a different nail art design as I have seen some other nail bloggers attempt in September. It looks really fun and I will add my own twist to it, making each design a Halloween design! See you on Saturday with the first day's challenge. :)


  1. Haha, I used to love that movie. Also, your manicure is lovely. :)

  2. Thanks Sandra! I went to a thrift shop to find the jean skirt and jean vest for my outfit, and they had Legally Blonde on video for a buck, so I picked that up too! Score!