Friday, February 17, 2012

Diamond and Tiara Party Nails

My friend Johnna just had her birthday party this past weekend. She did it up right by having a Diamond and Tiara Ice Skating Party at the local ice rink: Snoopy's Home Ice. This ice rink is part of the Charles M. Schulz Museum, and Snoopy's Gallery and Gift Shop. It is all done up on the outside and the inside to look like a big Swiss chalet. Very 1970s ski lodge-y. I picked out my favorite plastic tiara and of course had to make a manicure to match.

I painted my nails with a bubblegum pink shade from Cosmetic Arts, then topped the index finger with Amy's franken polish called A Dash of Princess, and added white polka dots to my ring finger using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White. Very girly.

Here is the adorable polish from Amy. Amy's blog is I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous, and she has been putting together some great hand made polishes. She really knows what she is doing with glitter. This polish has pink, white, and silver glitter in various sizes. It is so fun!

The birthday girl Johnna is the one in the middle of this pic with the Pabst Blue Ribbon badges (homemade), and the modified wedding gown. I think she drastically shortened it, and added some padding to the butt and elbows in case of hard landings.

This is me and Johnna after we were done skating. We both got injured. I got stabbed in the leg by some guy's skate when he wiped out next to me (owie!), and Johnna took a spill on her hip. But don't we look Fabulous?! (Well, at least Johnna does.) LOL

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  1. Una manicura muy original, me gusta mucho.

    Y sí, estáis las dos fabulosas.


    1. Thanks Poemas! We were feeling rather fabulous. :)

  2. Beautiful mani, but sorry to hear about the injuries!! D:

    1. Away thanks, Ashesela. I'm recovering. Ha ha! Thanks for your concern.