Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Day Challenge: Animal Print

Today I tried to accurately depict the jewel-encrusted hide of the very rare Hairy-Bottomed Kersnarficus. As everyone knows, this creature loves to hide with the dust bunnies under your bed, and only comes out when you are having particularly bad nightmares, at which time it sits directly in the middle of your forehead and licks your Third-Eye Chakra. It's super rare to see one in the daylight, so this is more of an artistic rendition. This is what the scientific community THINKS it looks like. I didn't have room for its gigantic teeth.

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Licketly-Split Lime as the base, then added little nail jewels and crystals, and then dumped on green flocking powder. Flocking powder is a total pain to put on and to clean up. Yuck.


  1. Uhhh... what? Is this a reference to a kids' book or something? I googled it but all it did was lead me right back here. O_o The mani is fun, but I'm super confused. btw, where did you get those clear, water-bead-like crystals from? Those are awesome!


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