Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Day Challenge: Red

I am going to attempt the 31 Day Challenge again this year, which I tweaked in 2011 with my own Halloween themed nails. So here goes!

Day 1 is Red. I did these on October 1st, but got too busy to post them yesterday. I used OPI Comet Loves Cupid as the base, then topped with OPI The Show Must Go On. I hand painted the spider web with black acrylic paint, then stamped the spider with BM13 plate. I added a dot of red acrylic paint to the spider so she would be a Black Widow, baby. (BTW, I always mishear the lyrics to that song as "I'm gonna love you like a black little baby." I need my ears checked.)

Click here to see my red nails from 2011.

Here are the different daily challenges, courtesy of Chalkboard Nails.

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