Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by a Book

Ok, sorry to post this a little out of order, but when I say I am busy, I mean it. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will be working from 4:30am to about 6:30pm. Ouchie. So I will not have time to do a proper manicure. I tried to do three manicures today to get ahead, and I could only manage two, that is why this is a little bit out of order. Instead of nails inspired by a movie, I am showing you nails inspired by a book: Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery.

I love Bunnicula! For those not in the know, Bunnicula is a vampire bunny, the title character of a series of children's books written by James Howe. I read them when I was little and just loved them. Bunnicula drains vegetables of their color, so that is where the white-ish carrots come in. They are drained of their juices. And I also made the evil carrot, which was something I mentioned back on the first day of this challenge and it stuck in my head. So here is an evil carrot!

On my right hand I painted my nails white and sponged purple on the ends, as if Bunnicula had somehow drained the color from my nails. Evil bunny!

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Delphinium, as well as Cult Nails Get It On basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat polishes.

Tomorrow's nails will probably be inspired by a fashion. Sorry this is such a short post, I will add more pics later when I have time. 


  1. I love this mani! I must find this Bunnicula book--sounds like something I'd really enjoy. :)

  2. Thanks KarenD! Bunnicula is a great book, and there are about 4 different books about this vampire bunny.

  3. I just found your blog and OMG, I love everything I'm seeing.
    I adore Bunnicula! This is so amazing.

  4. Bunnicula, Oh My GAWD <3 <3 <3 Your blog makes me so happy!

  5. Thanks Shopping Addict! I had a lot of fun with the 31 Day Challenge, and I really loved these nails.

  6. Hee hee, thanks Sarah S.! Bunnicula is the BEST!