Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Orange Nails

Day 2! Nope, it's not Evil Carrots, although that would be an epic mani. I recently attended a great Halloween Art Show called Halloween and Vine. One of the art pieces I purchased was from the great papier mache artist, Jack Roads. I like to call him Jack the Pumpkin King! He's super famous when it comes to folk art and papier mache. I am so excited that I was able to get a piece of his. And I based today's nails on this piece of artwork.

A spooky halloween kitty with fun cobwebs!

The base polish is Minger from butter LONDON. This was my first butter LONDON polish and I about cried when I paid $14 for 1 bottle of nail polish. But I love it so! It's a gorgeous shade and is easy to apply. This was two coats.

I started by using black acrylic paint to make the cat face.

Next I added the cobweb on my middle finger and started to add facial features on the cat, again using acrylic paints. I also use a very small nail art brush that I picked up at Sally's.

Finally I added the other cobweb and finished up the rest of the facial features. The whiskers were tough as were the tiny pupils. I had to touch up both of them with more acrylic paint to get them the way I wanted.

I was tired by the time I finished these, so I did not make a lot of effort on my right hand. I just added a little "Meow" to my ring finger.

Polished used in this manicure: butter LONDON Minger, Essie All in one Basecoat, and Seche Vite Topcoat.

Here is the Jack Roads piece I got. I love it so much! The orange background is fairly muted, making the piece seem much older and folksie than it is. Jack has such talent!

Here's the man himself. Find out more about Jack Roads by clicking here. He lives in California and doesn't really do any shows besides Halloween and Vine. Another reason for you to visit Sonoma County in late September!

Tomorrow's nail challenge is Yellow Nails! I can't wait!